World’s Bingo Records

Ever since the introduction of bingo games in the world, a lot of records have been accumulated into the Guinness Books. Individuals got to relish in some staggering prizes in terms of cash of course. However, world records come in all forms, which makes records even more interesting. You will find the world’s tallest person on earth, the world’s smallest individual. There are records out there for all tastes. But today’s focus is bingo records. From the largest amount won at a bingo hall to quickest bingo jackpot and more. We’ve got it all covered here. You are about to have a foot into the world’s Bingo Records.

There are some bingo records that you would never imagine. Did you know that there was a record for the highest game of bingo? Yeah! On the 3rd November 2009, On Mount Everest, 24 Gala Coral employees set the record for the highest game of bingo. Who would ever imagine that a bingo fiesta could be held on Earth’s highest mountain above sea level? Yeah, who would have thought? It was not in a bingo hall or anywhere online, it was 17,500 ft above sea level. These 24 individuals hiked up Mount Everest’s base camp to have some fun bingo happening. This event raised up to £100,000 for Sue Ryder Care, a charity that provides great care to people with long-term needs and at the end of their lives.

Jackpots! Jackpots are the holy grail for all the bingo fans. They want to hit the jackpot. Who would, right? A game which is based on luck can result in some potential big wins. So, quick guess! What’s the record for the quickest online bingo jackpot. Darry Howe, welcomed a jackpot of £18,000 just 40 minutes after he set up his first-time account online at William Hill. After 23 calls, the beginner’s luck bestowed him with this huge win. The odds of receiving a full house with 15 numbers in only 23 calls in a 90 Ball Bingo game are 93,400,706,414 to one. Mind-blowing, right? 22nd January 2010 will probably remain a special day in his life.

Since we’ve been talking about jackpots, how about discovering the largest jackpot ever won. The largest pot to have ever been scooped was by a 60-year-old person working on an online bingo site. Imagine betting 30p and winning a staggering £5.9 Million. John Orchard, the former factory worker did stand the chance for this incredible win.

Bingo Halls! Have you ever been with your grandparents or parents into bingo halls? That’s usually worth the detour. With numerous tables next to each other and people focusing with each number called. Bingo halls are without any doubt a very special place to play bingo. On the 25th March 2008, Soraya Lowell, won a whopping £1,167,795 in the Club 3000 in Coatbridge, Scotland. This lucky woman won the National Bingo Game Platinum Jackpot. She did have luck this day.

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