Winning at Online Slots

Casinos have been long enjoyed in the heart of all the best British cities from London to Edinburgh, offering a night of entertainment, high adrenalin and higher steaks. However, since the arrival of the online casino, our beloved high street casinos could be slowly on the decline – but this doesn’t have to be a negative thing.

The move to online casinos has changed the way many of us enjoy our favourite casino games – from roulette to black jack and, of course, everyone’s favourite the penny slots – encouraging an increasing number of us to leave the high street behind.

Long gone are the days of dressing up to enjoy a few hours on the fruit machines, or spending precious money on overpriced beers – now you can enjoy all of your favourite casino games without ever having to leave the sofa, or the comfort of your own home, allowing you to concentrate on the game in hand.

But just how do you win at online slots?

Despite what you might hear or read online, slots are a game of luck – there are no two ways about it. And whilst there are no ways to ensure you will win, there are a number of tricks and tips you can try in order to increase your luck.

Establish a Bankroll

Know what you can afford to lose before you even begin the game – and be strict with the rule. If you find you can’t stop yourself from crossing your established limits, create a separate savings account to gamble from so you can’t dip into money you can’t afford to spend.

Check the Odds

All online casinos and slot games offer different odds – and often the more you spend the better those odds will be. When choosing which slots to play, ensure you find the best value for money odds in order to make the most of your game.

Bet the Maximum

In order to activate all play lines ensure your settings are set to bet the maximum number of coins, rather than the minimum. Not realising you’re not activating all play lines can lower your possible wins and ruin what would otherwise be a good pay out.

Find the Best Site for You

There are hundreds if not thousands of betting sites to be found online. Ensure you’re using the best one to suite your needs with a comparison website. A good comparison website will list all gambling sites to help you find the best one to suite the game you want to play, the odds you want to play with and even the sign up bonus you receive.

Learn the Rules

It might seem like an obvious one, but with so many sites offering so many different slot style games it’s easy to become confused – and not all slot rules are the same, even if the set-up is one you’re familiar with. Before trying your luck at a new game, ensure you give the rules a quick once over to save losing easy money later in your game.