Why Gambling NAKED is a Bad Idea

Click-bait much? My apologies, but all’s good that ends well and in this particular instance the content which differs ever so slightly from the suggested topic leads to the self-respecting online gambler’s bread-and-butter – lots of free bonuses and stuff! Besides, you should have known better than to jump straight to the conclusion that I’m talking about walking into a casino with no clothes on or even sitting at your computer and placing your bets in your birthday suit. I’m pretty sure the mere fact that some casinos have a dress code would mean that you have to be dressed up in the first place!

Whatever takes your fancy – I could very well be naked right now while I write up this post – bring Vegas to you if you can’t get it to it, right?! Haha…

Okay, so let’s get serious and get right back into the important matter of the day, which is what it means to gamble “naked.” Rather, it’s referred to as BETTING naked, because gambling in the true sense of the terms means that you’re placing bets randomly and you’re relying on blind luck for the possible outcomes which could make you a lucky winner. For example, if you’re a keen roulette player then having randomly picking a new set of numbers for every subsequent spin is an example of betting naked or pure gambling because there is no real method to your betting approach.

You’re leaving everything up to chance…

If on the other hand you are consistent with a set of lucky numbers you choose for every spin, then you’re at least “dressing up” a little bit. You’re not completely “naked,” because then you’re starting to apply some statistical principles to your betting and you’re giving yourself a much better chance of winning.

And that’s what we’re building up to – there has to be a method to your betting if you’re going to stand a chance of winning big. Every professional gambler who implicitly does this sort of thing for a living, perhaps even on a full-time basis (like a certain someone who is the operator of this here blog) has a strategy with which they approach their online gambling.

It doesn’t have to be some mathematically complex betting formula which is suggested to be air-tight and will have you winning big every week, but rather just a set of rules you follow at your own discretion too, to make sure you give yourself a chance of actually winning each time you sit down for a session. The winnings don’t have to come in the form of huge progressive bonuses, but are perhaps better enjoyed incrementally and in small bits and pieces.

Increasing the “attire” you wear when betting and subsequently making sure you’re as far away as possible from betting “naked” is something which is completed with many of the extras you’d be privy to if you placed your bets on specific platforms. Pro gamblers particularly like PlayAmo Casino for example because of the bonus and rewards structure provided, going beyond just a one-time signup bonus as is the case with many online platforms offering promo codes and other special offers.