Which Casino Games Are Right For Your Personality?

With so many casino’s making the shift to online play, it can be overwhelming trying to pick which one to play at. Do you go for the one modelled after Las Vegas, Blackjack at the Irish sounding one, maybe a quick round of BGO slots? Picking a game can be almost as difficult as picking a casino.

So, in the style of the tried and true internet quiz, we have a personality test to tell you which game is the best for you!

Mr Simple – You don’t really like the complicated things, if you’re gambling you just want to be away and really give your luck a test. Slots would be the perfect option for you, just you, the reels and lady luck.

Maths Man –No, it’s not everyone’s least favourite superhero, it’s you! The player with a brain like a calculator who employs the optimum strategy and an observant eye to give you an edge in games of chance. You should probably be sitting at the Blackjack table putting the kids from 21 to shame.

The Speed Fiend – You like fast cars and buzz inducing experiences. And roulette is right up your street. It has the speed and thrill of the action, a simple bet and spin of the wheel – with roulette the risk taking varies dramatically – you either go red or black or spread across the board and play fast. You’re in the middle of the simple and complicated, so you like a game that gives you the option to be either!

Want to find out which one best lines up with you? You might have made a decision already but come on, quizzes are fun! Just click to get started and see what result comes up. You might even surprise yourself!