Tips for New Roulette Players

Roulette is one of the most fascinating and entertaining casino games at any online or land-based casino. With its iconic round wheel and wide range of betting options, it forms the anchor of the card and table game section at the casino. Even if you have never played the game yourself, chances are you have thought about having a go or played the free version online. The good news is that Roulette is the type of game that is ideal for both novices and experienced players. All you need are a few good tips to get started.

Choosing the Right Game

The first step when playing online, is deciding which version you are going to play. There are three main Roulette versions available online, including classic French Roulette, European Roulette and American Roulette. Of the three, the best game to start with is European Roulette. This is mainly because it doesn’t have the complicated French table layout, and it has a lower house edge compared to American Roulette.

A European Roulette wheel is divided into 37 sections and numbered from 1-36. The final slot is reserved for the zero which effectively provides the house edge. In American Roulette, the wheel has one extra slot for the double zero, thus increasing the house edge and providing more ways to lose your bet. The rules of Roulette are simple. The idea is to pick a number or colour on the Roulette wheel and hope the ball lands in the right slot.

Effective Betting Strategies

Ninety percent of the game is based around the betting. Like slots, there is really no way to predict which slot the ball will drop into, so all the strategies are betting-based. How much you bet, how often you bet, what number you are betting, all play a role in how much you end up with at the end of the night. For beginners, the best way to get started playing the roulette online Canada has to offer is to place outside bets. While they tend to pay less than inside bets, they are far easier to understand and have greater chance of winning.

Understanding Outside Bets

There are four basic outside bets to begin with. The first is the red or black bet. Here, you are simply placing a bet on a red number or a black number. A winning bet will pay out even money. Another basic outside bet is odds or evens. This is similar to red/black but now you are choosing an odd number or an even number. The same goes for high/low bets. Here the 36 numbers are split into two halves with low numbers (1-18) and high numbers (19-36). With each of these three bets, the chances of winning are just below 50% since landing the zero will result in a lost bet.

Increasing Your Payouts

If you want to increase the risk and the payout slightly, you can try placing bets on thirds, also known as dozens. This is where the 36 numbers are split into three sections of 12 numbers. Here you simply pick the section of the table where you think the ball will land. A correct bet here pays out 2:1. Once you have gotten used to how the game works, and mastered your bankroll, you can move on to inside bets where the risk is much higher but the payouts are too.