The Ever-Growing Fascination With Myths and Legends

Between the enormous success of myths and legend themed movies and books there is no doubt these type of stories continue to enthrall and fascinate, even in today’s high-tech world. Kids and adult alike harbor a great love for heroes and villains, perhaps in the search for answers to questions humanity has faced throughout the ages. It seems rather than losing attraction and power, legends and myths have made their way into our digital world and enthrall us in a multi-media fashion. Movies and gaming have become the perfect tools for spreading legends and myths even further. The wide availability of such games and movies on media platforms like Kodi (check how to install vpn on kodi) tends to have made it possible for people to become heroes and villains in the comfort of their own living rooms.

Why We Love Legends and Myths – The Power of Storytelling

We may picture stone age people sitting around a fire telling stories about fairies and dragons, we remember our grandparents recounting ancient tales, and we may even have memories of our own parents settling us to sleep with a good story. Regardless of the setting, stories continue to fascinate, we love to identify with heroes and villains, and we continue to learn and grow through ancient myths and legends. But why the fascination? Why do we love to hear such tales? Why are today’s movies and games often built around legends and myths?

For starters, stories illustrate all the different aspects of humanity. The heroes and villains are faced with choices and challenges, much like we are. When we read these tales, we learn different ways of dealing with the good, the bad, and the ugly aspects of life. Secondly, stories are about communication, connection, and collaboration, all of which are vitally important in our lives. Thirdly, stories ultimately provide a structure within which we learn to overcome difficulties and achieve closure. We like to get to the end of a story because we are eager to see a conclusion, and perhaps even triumph over adversity.

Online Gaming – Now We Can Be Heroes and Villains

While we all remember reading legends and myths, the digital era has produced opportunities for us to be heroes and villains like never before. Particularly myths and legend based games provide us with the opportunity to step into an entirely new identity and live through the trials and tribulations of such an existence. There is no shortage of games allowing us to be heroes and villains. A wide variety of myths and legend based games, movies and even fantasy-inspired online slots expose us to the depth of these tales and allow us to make a connection.

Psychologists have noted that taking on a different role in a game goes far beyond mere escapism. In fact, by progressing through a game set in the land of ancient tales, we get to be stronger, more skilled, and better able to cope. Whenever we complete a level, we experience what it is like to overcome a series of challenges and endure right till the end.

This has got to be a positive experience and one that will ultimately make us feel better and stronger.

No doubt, myths, and legends have gone digital, much to the delight and perhaps even the benefit of all of us.