The Dominance Of The New Zealand Teams In Super Rugby

Since its inception in 1996, the Super Rugby competition has been dominated by rugby teams based in New Zealand. Of the 21 Super Rugby competitions held so far, 14 have been won by rugby teams belonging to New Zealand. In case you didn’t know it already, Super Rugby is a rugby competition organized by SANZAAR (South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and Argentina Rugby) that involves rugby teams from 5 different countries. The best rugby union teams from Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Argentina and Japan participate in this rugby competition.

As mentioned above, rugby teams from New Zealand have won 14 of the 21 Super Rugby competitions held so far. The New Zealand rugby team with the most wins is BNZ Crusaders, the New Zealand rugby union team from Christchurch. BNZ Crusaders has won the Super Rugby competitions 7 times though the team hasn’t tasted any success since 2008. Other teams from New Zealand that have won the Super Rugby competition include The Blues with 3 wins, the Gallagher Chiefs with 2 wins and the Highlanders and the Wellington Hurricanes with one win each. The Wellington Hurricanes is the defending champion of the Super Rugby competition while the Crusaders currently top the 2017 Super rugby Australasian group table. This clearly shows that the teams from New Zealand are still dominating the Super Rugby competition. If you think that the teams from New Zealand will continue to dominate Super Rugby then you can support them by betting on super rugby.

Many people want to know why the teams from New Zealand are so good. Well, first of all, people in New Zealand start to play rugby when they’re really young. Moreover, the New Zealand rugby union heavily funds community programs that harness the skills of young rugby talent. The programs teach the kids to catch, pass, run and dodge. You may be surprised to know this but kids as young as three are playing organized rugby in New Zealand. New Zealand has carefully designed rugby programs for kids that groom the kids for the rugby teams belonging to different age-groups.

The community programs funded by the New Zealand rugby union aren’t the only place where kids are taught rugby. Both the public and private schools in New Zealand have rugby teams of kids aged as young as 5 and as old as 15. While the aforementioned things have contributed to New Zealand’s success in rugby, the biggest reason teams from New Zealand have dominated rugby is the strong rugby culture in New Zealand.

The rugby teams from New Zealand are a big part of New Zealand’s national identity and this is the reason the New Zealanders, also known as the Kiwis, take the game of rugby extremely seriously. For them, rugby is much more than a game. For the Kiwis, winning in rugby competitions is less about being successful at rugby and more about keeping the national spirits high. This is what motivates them to keep winning and dominate rugby competitions such as the Super Rugby competition.