Re-Defining the Meaning of FUN

“Oh, so when do you ever ‘let your hair down’ then?” is a rather common question which never fails to baffle the mind of someone to whom it is aimed. After all, fun is subjective. Is it not?

I mean that’s the reason why expressions such as ‘Not quite my cup of tea’ exist – it’s all about what constitutes a good time for you as an individual. The question of when they ever let their hair down is often directed at people who don’t quite conform to what I guess could be considered standard and common activities that make up the itinerary of a group of people who are all set to go out and have ‘a good time,’ in this day and age. So if you perhaps don’t drink alcohol, for many people that means you don’t ever have any fun at all, since that’s probably the ultimate party-starter for them.

I feel as if many people are sadly missing out on a much deeper level of engagement they can enjoy with themselves as they limit themselves to a very narrow definition of what constitutes fun. For instance, if we’re watching the weekend sports and there very well could be a huge game on the go, will the guy whose team goes on to lose to their arch nemeses not have legitimate claim to having had fun? What if they love the sport which they follow, depicting a passion which goes beyond their favourite team? What if they put down a wager on the result that goes against their team, so that if the team wins or loses, at least they will still walk away with some money won via their favourite online betting platform?

That said though, I definitely get it. We are indeed one big collection of all the experiences we’ve had in our lives, so if someone has met a million people who all define fun in the same way, they’ll naturally assume that it’s the same all round…

I do however feel that there is a need for each and every one of us to have some kind of introspection, take stock of the things that are really important to us and then perhaps go on to cater to what will clearly emerge to be an evolved version of each of ourselves.

What is subsequently a lifestyle adjustment in this way could open you up to a whole new world of personal development and improvement, particularly in what is perhaps the biggest part of all our lives – our finances.

It’s only natural for us to gravitate towards people with whom we share common interests, but with a little bit of cunning applied, the pursuit of those common interests can be carried out smartly. If you and a group of friends enjoy the thrill of casino games, for example, you could approach an identified online casino platform as a team, resolving to share the winnings equally amongst all players, while at the same time increasing your collective odds of winning by playing together.

It’s time to re-define and re-align what your meaning of fun is – what fun means to you!