Maddest Family Fortunes Moments

A spin off of the much loved American show Family Feud, Family Fortunes is a British game show hosted between 1980 and 2004, before being renamed to “All Star Family Fortunes” and relaunched in 2006 with host Vernon Kay. Since its inception, the show has been a massive success, with spin offs, board games and even its own online slots! The show features two separate families taking turns to answer questions that were answered by 100 anonymous members of the public. The families have to answer the questions and match the responses. As you’d expect, this opens up all kinds of insane answers, so let’s take a look at just a few.

Judging by his answer, this guy probably doesn’t get many people round for dinner parties.

I don’t think anyone saw this answer coming!

I guess this answer shows that fame doesn’t always mean success, or intelligence.

What an absolute let down!

Yeah, we didn’t understand this one either.

Turns out it can be just as bad on the American show too!