Is NRL The Best Rugby League In The World?

A question that rugby fans around the world often ask is whether the NRL is the best league in the world. While out rightly calling the NRL as the best league in the world would be wrong, there are many things that make it eligible for the crown. Once you start watching the NRL, you will be hooked to it for life. So what are the things that make the NRL such a great league?

The standard of play in the NRL is amazing. If you’re backing your team to win an NRL game and it doesn’t come out victorious, you’ll at least have the immense standard of play to cheer about. Unlike other rugby leagues, the NRL is not just about 2 or 3 teams. In fact, all teams playing in the NRL starts the season with hopes of achieving glory. In comparison, in the Super league, nearly all trophies have been won by the same three teams.

Unlike other countries, Australia gives a lot of importance to the rugby league. In fact, it’s the number 1 sport in the country. As it’s hugely popular, a lot of money goes into the NRL from TV companies. Talking about TV companies, to watch your favourite NRL team play, you should look for TV plans with your broadband connection. The most impressive things about the NRL include the playing standard and the speed and physicality of all the teams. Just like every other sports league in the world, the NRL has its critics.

According to the critics, the quality of play has dropped in the last couple of years because ‘too’ many teams don’t have enough 1st grade talent in their squad. Additionally, they believe that when NRL finally becomes an 18 team event, the standard of play will go down even further. Fortunately, TV broadcasters and custom clothing brands don’t agree with them. The broadcasters are still pumping money into the league and similarly are individual fans who adorn the branded clothing and finding ways to produce their own branded clothing with team logos to support their teams.

Every year, younger lads get their opportunity in the NRL and there are always a couple that come through with flying colours and are exciting to watch.

The NRL is easily one of the best rugby leagues in the world – although there are areas where the league can improve. For instance, the clubs need to show more attention on development of local players. Also, league profits need to be evenly distributed as only about 3-4 make a profit while 9 or 10 teams struggle to break even. Additionally, if it wasn’t for the NRL propping them up, 2 to 3 teams would have been on the verge of collapse. NRL may not be the best rugby league in the world but the level of excitement provided by it is second to none. NRL holds a vast fan base across the world. If you are ardent NRL fan, who loves to collect memorabilia, NRL shop ( AFL & NRL Shop) might be a good platform for you.