How to Travel the World by Playing Online Poker

If you can make money playing online poker, you can definitely earn enough to travel the world.

Once you get your strategy down and your ROI (return on investment) or win rate up, you can make steady money. Rack up enough cash and you could travel anywhere your heart desires.

On top of this benefit, you can keep earning money playing poker on your travels. Playing online poker is location independent – you can play anywhere, anytime. Poker apps go with you and is your mobile companion.

Don’t use your normal income to travel. Win income on the side to go anywhere you want. Keep moving. See the world. Here’s how to do it.

How to Bankroll Your Travels with Online Poker

If you want to see the world and play poker, you have to make some sacrifices.

1. Play While You’re on the Move

All you need to play online poker is an internet connection and a reputable site, like Once you have these two elements squared away, you can get into the game and get earning.

While you’re traveling, don’t go off the grid. You need to stay connected to the internet to keep up your mobile earnings. So, for instance, if you have the choice between a cosmopolitan city and a cabin in the woods, you need to choose the one with internet. Simple.

2. Teach Yourself to Play Well

Poker isn’t rocket science. Anybody can learn to play. However, it takes time and effort to learn to play well. It’s not impossible, though, and you don’t need a degree to do it.

Of course, playing well means knowing when to take calculated risks. If you’re not comfortable being a little risky sometimes, you’ll never be truly skilled at online poker.

On the other hand, if you play recklessly, you’ll never make a profit, either. A good player knows exactly when to lay it all on the line and when to fold.

3. Put in the Time

If you expect to earn enough for your travels, you need to put in the time. This means hours of play. It also means you’ll be playing multiple games at once. However, if you love poker, this should appeal to you, not turn you off.

If your skills need sharpening, take the time to play free poker games with no stakes to practice.

4. Realize You’re Going Off the Beaten Path

If you choose to travel and pad your way with poker winnings, you might get some funny looks.

People may not understand your choices, or view you as an eccentric. You have to be perfectly fine with getting askance looks in order for your lifestyle to work.

After all, the fact you’re considering this route means you’re a bit of a rebel – and a risk-taker. If anything, you’re probably proud of your off-beat lifestyle and renegade choices. So, get out there and world-hop – and enjoy every minute of it.