How to Choose the Right Online Casino Site

Whether you’re a bingo fan or slot fanatic, one thing’s for sure – there’s a lot of online choice for the casual gambler. When it comes to those games or sites that require you to invest real money, you want to make sure you’re playing somewhere worth your time and cash. With an overwhelming number of casino sites at your fingertips, here are is a checklist of things to look out for when determining which one is right for you.


The most obvious place to start is with reviews – just make sure they’re from authoritative sources like rather than a promotional page of the casino in question, where praise is less likely to be authentic. Most of the below points will be covered by users in their reviews, so look to have these questions answered.


Take advantage of the often generous bonuses offered by some casino sites as incentives to sign up and play their particular games. It is not uncommon to see bonuses of up to £250 – but keep in mind that these bonuses are strictly for playing with, and can not be withdrawn. Terms and conditions may also state that the deposit requires you to win over a certain amount before withdrawing any cash. The best thing about deposits is that they allow you try out several sites for free before deciding on your favourite.


It’s important to know how easily you can access your winnings. As previously mentioned, some websites will only allow withdrawals of over a certain sum, while others might limit the number of times you can withdraw under a set period of time. You shouldn’t encounter too many obstacles when it comes to withdrawing your cash – so consider it a warning sign if a site is making the whole withdrawal process difficult.

Payment Method

When it comes to depositing cash, it’s also important to make sure the site caters to your payment preferences. Whether you’re using a debit card or PayPal account, double check that your payment method is compatible with the casino site in question, and that the site keeps payment information confidential and securely stored.


You don’t want to waste time on a site that makes navigation awkward. The layout should be logical and the graphic design should be visually pleasing – perhaps even with some customizable options. If you’re regularly getting lost trying to locate your Accounts Settings page, or if there’s a lack of information about a particular game, then the online casino will only serve as a time waster and cause of frustration.

Mobile Compatibility

For those who like to play casino games on the go, mobile compatibility is a big thing to consider. Mobile friendliness is taken for granted with the bigger online casino sites, but double check whether your favourite will translate well to your phone for those long commutes. Fortunately, almost all major online casino sites are making mobile friendliness a priority. In fact, the focus on mobile gaming over traditional online gambling has been credited with winning over more female players in recent years.

Casino Games

Some gamers prefer to play through downloaded software, while others like to keep their gaming in web browsers. Then of course there’s the type of game you want to play. Some sites specialize in slots or BlackJack, for example, while other casinos sites will cover a more comprehensive list of games, ranging from slots to roulette to baccarat. The casino site you choose should reflect your particular preference in games.


Read up on the site’s history. Is this a well-established brand with a decent reputation? If a site fails to treat its users well, the word will get out and warnings will spread – so find out whether your favourite casino site is known as a clean and respectable brand, or whether it has a shady reputation of which you should be aware before depositing money. Be wary of the fact that there are fraudulent casinos out there.


Don’t assume that all games and sites are legal in your particular country or state. Different regulations apply to different areas, and you want to make sure that the particular casino site of your choice adheres to all relevant online gambling laws. For more information on what type of online gambling is legal in your country, check your government’s respective page. For example, in the UK you can access the UK Gambling Commission for more information.

Customer Service

Even with the best casino sites, there’s no guarantee that problems won’t occur, games won’t crash, and questions won’t arise. At such times it is essential to know you have 24/7 customer service staff ready to help you. There’s nothing like the comfort of knowing someone can immediately look into your

Terms and Conditions

This goes without saying. Nobody wants the small print to come back and bite them, so read carefully.

As evidenced above – there are several factors to consider when picking out the best casino site with which to register and start playing. Choosing the best might seem like an overwhelming task, but if you start with the most popular you’ll soon find a favourite and refine your taste in online casinos.