Got hit by lightning? The odds of that happening…

When someone says that there’s “no chance of that happening”, you can be sure that they are wrong, odds are that someone has calculated the exact odds of that happening.

The odds of flipping a coin and getting it to land on the same side 28 times in a row is roughly 1 in 292 million, roughly the same as winning a jackpot with an american lottery such as Powerball.

When it comes to dating, the odds that you’re dating a millionaire are pretty good, just 1 in 216, but if we’re talking about dating a supermodel, it’s way different, odds of that happening are 1 in 88 000.

If your lifelong wish has been to become a saint, I mean, like officially, the odds are 1 in 20 million.

I mentioned getting struck by lightning…so what are the odds of that? They are actually not that low, around 1 in 12000 (or according to some sources, around 10x lower, so around 1 in 120 000).

The odds of being dealt Royal Flush in poker are 1 in 649,740. At the same time the odds of forming a 5-card royal flush out of 7 cards, is 1 in 30940.

If you’re afraid of dying, here are a few important odds for you – the odds of
– being killed by an asteroid is 1 in 74 817 414
– being killed by a shark attack is 1 in 8 million
– being killed by a legal execution (in the US) is 1 in 127,717
– being killed by a piece of falling satellite debris from space is 1 in 21 trillion.
– being killed in a plane crash is 1 in 205 552
– being killer in a car or motorcycle crash is 1 in 846.
– getting killed by fireworks is 1 in 340,733

But you don’t necessarily need to get injured fatally. You could just get injured by a toilet ( 1 in 10 000 ) or injure yourself with a chainsaw (1 in 4 464).

Many odds might seem high for anything to actually happen, but think about how low odds of being able to achieve anything at all Iceland football team had or how Leicester City won, independent of the 1 in 5000 odds given to them. So the odds say that when someone says there is “no chance of that happening”, odds are that they are wrong.