From Cleopatra to Bridesmaids: Which Themes Can Give Slot Games The X Factor?

If you’re looking for a real-life example of what being “spoilt for choice” looks like, just take a quick peek at the world of online slots. Scroll through the slots menu offered by some of the biggest online operators and you’ll see slots as diverse as Jack and the Beanstalk, Celebrity Big Brother, and Noah’s Ark.

What are the themes that make for the best slots, though, and which operators offer games with some of the most vividly realised themes? Let’s take a closer look…

TV Themes: Some Slots Really Do Have The X Factor

If your Saturday evenings are never quite the same without Simon Cowell’s involvement, then it sucks for you that for much of the year you have to do without the X Factor on your screens. Some operators have aimed to bridge the gap between X Factor seasons, however, with X Factor-themed slot games brought to life by realistic graphics and, most fittingly, original theme music from the show.

bgo’s extensive online slot games catalogue features a five-reel 20-payline X Factor slot that offers gamers the chance to feel genuinely involved with the action; as the contestants chase their dreams in this game, so does the player. Featuring actual finalists from past years on its reels and in its bonus features, this is a fantastic example of an online slot game that seamlessly bridges the worlds of television and iGaming.

“X-Factor” by  (CC BY 2.0)

Movie Themes: Always The Bridesmaid, Never The Bride? 

Movies offer fantastic potential for online slot games to carry through a sustained theme. This is, arguably, especially the case for movies where prequels and sequels have not yet been made, leaving a gap which allows for real creative license from game creators.

Playtech, keen to pounce on this trend, recently announced a link up with DC to allow them to create branded slots for DC films, proving how successful the link between movies and slots can be when it comes to developing engaging themes.

“Verne Troyer 01” by  (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Comics aside, one example of a movie theme used brilliantly in an online slot game is Bridesmaids. It seems pretty unlikely that there will ever be a Bridesmaids sequel, so instead that gap has been plugged for keen fans of the film by an online slots game. Dazzle Casino’s Bridesmaids slot allows fans to enjoy cut scenes from the movie and also boasts some of our favourite moments from the 2011 comedy.

The link between film and the gaming world doesn’t just end at inspiration for slots games though. Just take the example of movie star Verne Troyer, who has appeared in the Austin Powers films, working as a brand ambassador for bgo. Clearly the crossover between film and games in the movie sector is more deep than it first appears.

History Themes: The Ancient World Brought Into The Modern Age

If TV, comics, and movies don’t quite tick the box for you, perhaps a more historic theme will. The ancient world has been given the slot gaming treatment by the likes of Grosvenor Casinos, with their Cleopatra game.

The Egyptian-themed game uses the standard five-reel approach, which will be familiar to most players who have played slots online in the past, but the twist introduced by the theme, which uses Cleopatra as a wild symbol (line wins completed with the Cleopatra wild symbol instantly doubles the award value), injects a real element of thrill and untold mystery to this game.

Inspiration for slot themes can come from the world of TV, film, and even ancient history. How vividly they are brought to life, however, depends upon the team of talented creators behind the slot game and thankfully, we seem to have plenty of creative talent at our disposal in 2017.