Finding the perfect slot for you

Have you ever entered the site of an online casino just to stare at your screen in utter disbelief as there are thousands of different games presented for you? We’ve all been there and there is no shame in that. The current state of online gambling and online casinos is that there are so many options to choose from, its actually hard to make up your mind of what games one should play. Luckily we’ve probably played all of those games many times over during our long careers, so we’re confident that we’d be able to help your decision making process. If you didn’t know, slot machines are far more complex than you would’ve guessed. There are different types of slots that all behave differently and some of them give out winnings more often than the others! 

Highly volatile slots vs. low variance slots 

What makes a slot machine highly volatile and what are the benefits of that? Slots with high volatility (or often referred as “variance”) usually gives out less winnings than “normal” slots. This doesn’t mean it’s worse than the others, it just means that when it DOES give out winnings, they are usually higher amounts. If you are a player who enjoys a slot machine that gives even small winnings basically every round, highly volatile slots aren’t for you. These are usually designed to serve players who have patience to win bigger wins and aren’t afraid of longer “dry” periods.

There are also medium level slots available which means they are perfectly balanced between high and low variance gameplay. Find out yourself which ones you like the most and make your decision based on that. 

Choose the theme you like 

There is no point of playing a slot machines that you genuinely don’t want to play. If you don’t like slots that are themed to be “classical” or “retro”, just simply ignore them. Explore what you like outside of online casinos as well. Do you enjoy pirate movies? Good, pick out a pirate themed slots to play with. Do you enjoy watching football on tv? Excellent, now you have chance to play football themed slots as well! See where we are going? I think you do. Just follow the things you enjoy and try to convert these habits to slots you’re playing as well. 

Try out different slots with bonuses

Testing out different slots can be frustrating as most of us are usually thinking “I could’ve spent this time on a slot I already know and love”. We completely understand that and that’s the exact reason we’d suggest you try out new slots when you are being given any sort of bonuses. If you really enjoy slots and playing them regularly, please check and see what bonus would suit you the best. Pick your favourite and head out to explore the endless world of slots!

But still, always remember to play the games you enjoy, not necessarily what others might enjoy. Follow your own path!