Blackjack Etiquette Rules for Those Who Are Entering the Casino for the First Time

Everyone who enters the casino wants to try their hand at Blackjack- the king of all casino games. The allure of the game has made many a man lose fortunes but also helped countless others build a fortune too. Even if you eliminate the possibility of these life-changing circumstances from the game, there is no denying that blackjack is fun and entertaining. It is a game you would want to play again and again, even if the odds are not completely stacked in your favor. Just ask Black Jack Mobile Casino players. 

However, before you go to the nearest casino with your money, you must learn the etiquettes related to the game. Yes, blackjack is a gentleman’s game, and if you want to play it, you better learn these etiquettes.

Don’t hand money to the dealer

The cash transactions you make in a casino should be visible on the security cameras at all times. SO make sure that the cash is laid outside of the betting spot and ask for chips.

Don’t hold cards with two hands

It is an absolute NO-NO for blackjack players. Regardless of whether you are playing the single-deck game or the double-deck game, the cards are always dealt face down, and you are not supposed to pick them up or hold with two hands.

Don’t touch the cards unnecessarily

There is no reason for you to touch the cards when not needed. Players typically make this mistake when they are playing from four or more deck of cards. In this case, the cards are usually dealt from the face-up. Doing this not only removes the chances of cheating in the game but also speeds up the whole process. The dealer can quickly announce the total for each player. Touching the cards could be risky. So don’t do it.

Don’t remove cards from the table

The cards should always be in full view of your dealer as well as the security cameras around you. No matter what the reason, don’t remove cards from the table. You are also not supposed to hold your cards below the table or in your lap.

Don’t place objects on the table

It is very important to keep your personal belongings with yourselves at all times. They should not be flashed on the table. Your bags, wallets, purses, etc. should always be in your pocket. Ladies can keep their purses in their lap, but gents don’t get the concessions. You can, however, place your drinks on the table. Note that they should be placed in drink holders if your casino provides one.

Don’t touch the chips

Once you have made your bet and the cards have been dealt, it would be better not to touch your chips. Do this until your bet has either won, lost or tied. Your dealer will let you know in either case. However, if the hand has been dealt, don’t touch the chips. That’s the rule of the game.

Don’t say “Hit Me.”

Your dealer is not your best friend or cousin from across the town who plays blackjack with you for fun. So don’t ask him to “hit” you. It just won’t work. In a casino, you are always supposed to use hand gestures, not words to signal anything to your dealer. Therefore, it would be better to depend on the gestures, instead of your voice. Doing this is considered bad, duplicitous or misleading.

Are you finding this routine too much to handle? Just play online. You can try all your strategies there without the etiquette police.