Are You a Bingo Fan? Some Famous Celebrity Bingo Players You didn’t Know about

The game of bingo has gained a lot of enthusiasts throughout the years – through its more than 500 years of existence, in fact. People young and old love playing bingo, as it’s easy to play and the prize winnings could be substantial indeed (especially if you play online!). But if you think the game of bingo is only for the ordinary masses, think again – there are plenty of celebrities who enjoy the game as much as you do, perhaps even more. Do you consider yourself a top bingo fan? Here’s a list of some famous celebrity bingo players you didn’t know about.

UK celebrity bingo players

In the UK, bingo has always been a popular pastime. But bingo in the UK is not only for the pensioners, mind you. More and more younger bingo players are enjoying the game, and this is evidenced by some top UK celebrities who just love trying their hand at Lady Luck.

Kate Moss, that svelte British model, is known for her love of bingo. The same is true for other bingo enthusiasts such as Catherine Zeta-Jones and Sharon Osbourne. Ms. Zeta-Jones, for example, has a particular history with the game, as her family won a substantial hundred-thousand-dollar jackpot in the 80s! Since then, Ms. Zeta-Jones loves playing hostess at star-studded bingo parties in her home along with her husband, Michael Douglas, and also makes it a point to have annual Christmastime bingo games with her family.

Other UK stars who love bingo include the aforementioned Sharon Osbourne, who actually has her very own site dedicated only to bingo. Other UK stars who tremendously enjoy the game is EastEnders actress Barbara Windsor, Vic Reeves, that quirky comedian, and well-loved British actor Ricky Tomlinson, best known for The Royle Family and Brookside. Mr. Tomlinson loves the game so much that he actually released an ode to it – aptly titled ‘The Bingo Song’ – in 2007, as well as an interactive DVD dedicated solely to bingo.

 US celebrity bingo players

 In the US, bingo has its share of celebrity fans as well. Courteney Cox, of Friends fame, reportedly loves hosting bingo parties with friends such as Paris Hilton and Rikki Lake, and singer Billy Corgan (lead singer of the band Smashing Pumpkins) has been known to host bingo nights in Chicago, in his very own tea shop as well as the Madame Zuzu art studio.

Other bingo enthusiasts in the US include former President Barack Obama and family (the President was reportedly introduced to the game by his step-mother), as well as Tori Spelling (the star of the 90’s television show Beverly Hills 90210).  So what are you waiting for? Play a game of bingo or two, and you just might be playing with a famous celebrity bingo fan.