Are the Odds in your Favour for These Top Casino Games?

Whether you’re a certified casino fan or a total newbie, everyone knows that the most important part of gambling in a casino is winning. However, it’s not always up to you whether you succeed or not.

Certain games have considerably more favourable odds than others. So, to give you the best shot of winning the cash you totally deserve, we’ve put together a list of the most popular games you can find at the casino and their odds. Fancy trying these games out? Be sure to head to

1. Blackjack

Blackjack is a fairly straightforward card game where you’re dealt two playing cards – one face down and one face up to begin with. At that point, you decide by counting the cards to see if you would like another card in order to get as close to 21 as you can.

Once you decide to stand or stay, the next player has the same option and it goes around the table until the dealer’s turn comes up. The dealer has the same option as you did at this point, however they will always stop their hand once the total value of the cards dealt to them reaches 17 points.

As a rule, the classic form of blackjack has a pretty low edge of 0.28%, however, there are many variations and each has its own house edge.

2. Baccarat

Baccarat is considerably less technical than many other popular card games. To begin, players either place their bets on the banker or the player. Once their bet has been placed, the game starts. Both the players and the dealer are given two cards each. The hands are dealt, the table is consulted and the result is purely down to luck!

Because of the table rules, the dealer’s hand actually has an advantage so, technically, there isn’t a house edge. However, to compensate, wins on the dealer’s hand have a 5% commission; making the house edge approximately 1.1%. The winner is whoever has landed closest to 9.

3. Roulette

Roulette can be a very, very successful game, if you keep the rules simple. For instance, if you bet on a single number in a game of roulette, the odds that it lands are a fairly tidy 1/37. However, if you decide to bet on just one colour, you’re looking at 50/50 odds, making it way more likely that you’ll win, although the prize will be less.

4. Slot Machines

When it comes to slots, the odds are totally dependent on the game you’re playing. Some may well be super easy to win, others might be considerably harder. There’s no set figure to follow when it comes to slot machines, however of all the games we’ve listed, slots are the hardest, and least likely to win, as they’re programmed to be in the house’s favour and you have no influence over the likelihood of winning, no matter how skilled you are!

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