4 types of no wagering casino bonus

There’s nothing more disheartening than spending hours scouring the web for the very best casino welcome bonuses, only to find that they’re all weighed down by unfair and completely unachievable wagering requirements. Fortunately, there are some countries where these unfair rules are frowned upon and don’t often happen. The Gambling and the Laws for South African Online Casino Players often prevent players from being fooled by these tactics, however around the world, these unachievable wagers are still common.


If you consider yourself a free spin superstar and enjoy getting the very best value for your money when playing online then perhaps it’s time to start looking for a casino that has you, the player, at the forefront of their mind.


It goes without saying that the very best, fair and transparent casino bonuses are no wagering casino bonuses that promise players a healthy number of free spins with NO wagering requirements. This means you’ll get to keep what you win once you’ve made the most of your free spins or bonus cash.


We understand that navigating the world of casino bonuses can get a little bit tricky, so we’ve taken the liberty of talking you through the different types of no wagering casino bonus and explained how you can benefit from each and every one of them.

What exactly are wagering requirements?

Before we even begin going through each individual casino bonus and how they can benefit you, we first need to take a moment to explain exactly what wagering requirements are.


Wagering requirements are a set of conditions that state how many times a player must play through their casino welcome bonus in order to withdraw any winnings. These wagering requirements can range from anywhere between 10x wagering and 100x wagering.


The latter is considered to be the extreme end of the scale when it comes to wagering, as players would have to spend hours and hours playing through their bonus in an attempt to make enough money to make a withdrawal.

Are wagering requirements beatable?

Just to give you some idea of how difficult wagering requirements are to beat, a 100 bonus with 100x wagering requirements would mean that players have to make an eye-watering 10,000 worth of bets before a single penny can be transferred from the players casino account to their bank.


Back in the early days of online casinos players found they could get around these difficult conditions by making even money bets and by playing table games that offered better odds than others such as blackjack and roulette.


However, over time operators wised up to these tactics and it’s now commonplace that players can only use their welcome bonuses on online slot games that will always give the operator more of a house edge.


If you are content with accepting a casino offer that does have wagering requirements attached to them, then we would recommend going absolutely no higher than 30x wagering, which is the average for most fair casinos out there. Of course though, we’ll always champion no wagering bonuses over everything else.


Now we’ve explained the basics, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride as we guide you through everything you need to know about the different types of no wagering casino bonuses.

1 – Free spins with no wagering requirements

In our opinion the crème de la crème of the no wagering world are without a shadow of a doubt wager-free spins, we all absolutely LOVE them. The opportunity to sign up to an online casino and instantly receive a considerable amount of free spins is game-changing, especially when you remember that you keep what you win!


There’s nothing quite as satisfying as accepting a generous offer without having to sit down and do the maths beforehand in order to work out whether the bonus is even worth your time at all… Taking wager-free spins is without a doubt the most relaxing way to play as all of the hassle is taken away!


If that wasn’t good enough, it truly feels great knowing one big win from these free spins could lead to HUGE financial gain if you’re lucky enough to watch the reels land on a high paying win line, or even better triggering a lucrative bonus feature.


Some players will turn their nose up at free spins in favour of opting for a hefty cash bonus, however, when it really comes down to it the free spins are the more sensible of the two options as you won’t have to play through the funds. It might seem like a good idea to take an offer because of the big healthy number attached to it, but remember… No wagering requirements, no drama.

2 – No deposit bonuses

A rarity in this day and age, no deposit bonuses are highly sought after by casino enthusiasts as there’s absolutely no need to make an initial deposit. It’s commonplace for most no deposit bonuses to come with strict terms and conditions such as wagering requirements, so to find one of these offers with absolutely no wagering requirements is a really welcome change.


Understandably you won’t find yourself getting a huge amount of free spins with these offers, realistically expect no more than 20 spins tops. This is because casinos would very quickly find themselves deep in the hole, losing a huge amount of money at the hands of very gracious players all flocking to get something for nothing from their spins.


Another tactic operators use to protect themselves from losing a huge amount of money at the hands of players is by limiting the amount that can be withdrawn from the bonus.


Ultimately, many people view no deposit free spin bonuses as free money, however it’s much better to approach them as a way to check out a new casino and discover whether the site works well for you, without the risk of spending any of your own money in the process.

3 – Wager-free casino cashback

Wager-free cashback can often be overlooked by many players, as it’s not one of the sexiest bonuses and doesn’t have quite the same pulling power as a no wagering free spins bonus… However, when used properly cashback really does make a huge difference. If you find a casino offering you cashback as part of their welcome offer then you should certainly sign up straight away!


As the name suggests, the way cashback works is players receive a small percentage of cash back from the casino on either a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The percentage each player receives is based on how much they’ve lost during one of these time periods.


The difference between wager-free cashback and ordinary cashback offers is that with wager-free cashback players have complete freedom to do whatever they please with this money straight away. They could use this money to continue to fund their account, or they could withdraw it if they so wished.


A normal cashback offer would normally require the player to wager the money a number of times over before anything could be done with it.

4 – Low wagering casino bonuses

Whilst not necessarily a no wagering casino bonus, we thought it was only right to include low wagering casino bonuses to this list, as they’re becoming more and more commonplace in this day and age. Many operators opt to go for the low wagering approach as they’re still quite attractive to new players, whilst also protecting their bottom line.


Ultimately, as long as the casino isn’t purposely going out of their way to put the player at a clear disadvantage then we can accept low wagering bonuses. In our eyes, a low wagering casino bonus is one that goes no further than 25x wagering, 30x wagering at a push.


Taking one of these low wagering offers can be a blessing in disguise, as you’ll be working through your bonus just long enough to get a solid idea as to whether the casino you’re playing is the right one for you.


It’s well worth taking a look at the numerous casinos that offer low wagering bonuses as there are often some great hidden gems amongst them. These aren’t necessarily the biggest operators out there, but they usually have plenty to offer new players. It’s always worth getting on board with them as they’re going to have the capacity and scope to take extra care in looking after their loyal and regular players.